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Organize your documents with office cabinet

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Office file cabinet [ตู้ เอกสาร สำนักงาน, which is the term in Thai] is one of the most useful furniture for offices as they allow you to store files and documents for future reference. They are used to store documents appropriately sans any clutter. Different types of storage cabinets are available to meet all your requirements. They use less space and can be placed at any location. They are useful for both domestic as well as commercial purposes. It can be used for different purposes like storing files, documents, tools, equipment, books, etc. They provide double storage space compared to normal shelves.

Types of office file cabinet

  • Mobile file cabinets: These cabinets can be placed under the table. Thus, avoiding the need for additional space to store documents. They are portable and can be moved around easily from one place to another.
  • Side tab filing cabinet: These types of filing cabinets are available with and without doors. They are commonly used in medical organizations as they allow them to store large amounts of documents.
  • Flat file storage cabinets: These are also one of the popular types of filing cabinet. It is generally used offices that deal with blueprints, drawings, artworks, etc. They are perfect for storing documents that are larger in size.

Advantages of office file cabinet

  • Cabinets allow the user to store a large amounts of files without the formation of clutter.
  • A large number of files can be stored without using too much space.
  • Cabinets make it easy to categorise the documents which eventually makes it easy for employees to retrieve the required document.
  • Office documents contain vital information. If the documents are lost it may cost a huge deal. Cabinets remove such risk by filing documents in one place.
  • Office cabinets are also available in fire-proof units with locking system.
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