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Easiest Way to Measure Your Window Blinds

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You’ve invested hours picking window blinds for your home, and you desire them to fit completely. Now, how do you determine for window blinds, again?

Inside Mount or Outdoors Mount

There are two ways to mount vertical blinds inside the window frame and outside it. For a tidy, built-in appearance, use inside install. It also allows you to hang other window shelters, like drapes, over the blind.

Consider the outside mount when you wish to make a window look more extensive and more extended. Or when you have an unsightly window that you want to conceal. It’s likewise an excellent option if you have a window that is significantly off the square.

When measuring, utilize a steel measuring tape and procedure to the closest 1/8-inch. Do not round your measurements.

Note which measurement is the width by marking a “W” next to it, and keep in mind the height with an “H.” Always put the width measurement initially. Keep in mind: W x H.

Unless told otherwise, do not subtract for the mounting brackets or headrail; the factory will do this. Offer the specific window size.

Suggestion: When using a within the mount, first measure to make sure the frame is deep enough to accommodate the hanging hardware.

Inside Mount Blinds

As soon as you have identified your frame is deep enough for the hardware, take three measurements, one at the top of the window, one in the center and one at the bottom. Use the narrowest width as your measurement.

For the height, the procedure left, right and center, and record the highest height.

Outside Mount Blinds

When determining outside mount horizontal blinds, start by deciding the window’s width. Then, add at least 3 inches to each side to ensure you’re covering the light space and to optimize personal privacy.

Then measure the window’s height and add at least 2.5 inches to permit the space for installing brackets and overlap at the bottom of the blind.

Reducing Faux Wood Blinds

There are a range of factors to shorten faux wood blinds: you’re hanging old curtains on a brand-new window, you wish to correct an unintentional mid-measurement, or the off-the-rack shades you purchased are only too long.

Here’s what you’ll require:

  • scissors
  • flat-head screwdriver
  • needle-nose pliers or tweezers

Start by reducing the blind. Pick the brand-new bottom slat of the blind by picking the slat that’s even with, or somewhat below, the windowsill.

There should be three cords: a smooth lift cord (that lifts the blinds), a braided ladder cord (that holds the blinds vertically), and an adapter cable between each slat, which protects the blinds horizontally.

Count two slats down from the bottom of the sill and cut the ladder cables on both sides of the blind. Caution: Don’t cut the lift cord or the connecting cable!

The slats will be up to the bottom, supported by the ladder cables. Then, about six inches listed below the windowsill, cut the lift cords and take out the last two slats, the ones below the brand-new bottom slat.

Suggestion: Save a couple of the slats for future use.

Utilize the screwdriver to pry the plugs from the underside of the bottom rail. Slide the rail free from the old slats and cables—usage tweezers or pliers to pull the cut lift cords out of the plughole. Slide the fence onto the connecting wires, just below the bottom slat.

Trim the ladder chords and things them, together with the lift cords, into the plughole. Then tap the plugs back in place with the hammer.

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